The first of its kind in Indonesia with over 80 hours of hands-on-training.

Passion of Groomer Grooming School† is† an exclusive grooming school for pet lovers and would-be professionals.

Maintenance grooming is an important aspect of Animal Care .††Each animal has its own challenges. The course preview will give you an insight into what you will be about to learn and what you will be qualified to do.

Personally trained and guided by a set of qualified, professional pet-groomers, each level in this certified course will be conducted over a period of 24 days. After which you will personally assessed and if found, competent will be awarded a certificate of merit in this course on Professional Pet Grooming.

Well, unlike most professions, you donít have to have fancy degrees or qualifications to be a Pet Groomer. All you need to be is a genuine animal lover, with lots of patience, and dedication. At Passion of† Groomer Grooming School, we will teach you how you can turn this passion of yours into an exciting profession with proper training.

Further info please call: † +628128573161 (voice call only)

They chose their future , Now it is your turn !!!