We bath your dog with gentle & mild shampoos that are safe to use. We also
express the anal gland before the bath. Regular bathing keeps your
dog’s skin healthy and skin coat clean and shiny.

Drying & brushing is one of the most important steps in grooming
your dog. If your dog is not brush throughout correctly, by
removing all matted and loose hair, when giving them a haircut
your dog will not come out looking their best.

De tangle is done for an extra charge, depending on how is your dog’
s tangle.

The ears of a dog are very sensitive and susceptible to
infection, excessive wax buildup and parasite infection.  
A gentle cleaning with the proper products will eliminate
most problems.  Also keep in mind that removing the
hair out of the ears (Plucking) will maintain the ears

Full grooming:
Haircuts and Styles are needed frequently depending on the
breeds. We have professional groomers with experience in all type of
styles and breeds. We will also work with you to custom design
your dogs haircut according to your taste.  

Dogs need to get their nail trimmed on a regular basis. Once a
month if possible.

Tooth brushing your dog should perform on a regular basis. This
will reduce tartar and help prevent periodontal disease.

If you are planning on a vacation and don’t have a place to leave
your pets, don’t think twice.  Passion of groomer “will treat
your pouch as one of ours”.  They will be walked twice a day, feed
and watered. Your pouch will enjoy the comfort of our air
conditioning and private kennels while you enjoy your vacation.

For those who have complicate schedules, we can pick up your dog
for free. Please make an appointment a day or two
before pick up.