Dogs are one of the most popular pets around and at Passion of Groomer (POG) Mobile Dog Grooming  we like to spoil them for you! It’s a fact that millions of people have dogs for pets and even consider them a part of the family. But just like with other animals, dogs need to be taken good care of. They need to be vaccinated and most importantly, groomed.

In today’s modern time, a visit to the vet isn’t necessary anymore if you just want to have your dog groomed. People are too busy these days to take their dogs to get groomed so we at POG Mobile grooming come to you!

What Services POG Mobile Dog Grooming Provides

Dogs are low maintenance pets but if you don’t take very good care of them, you’ll be spending a lot of money on regular visits to the vet. Many dogs catch infection and get sick because of poor hygiene. Now if you’re someone who’s too busy to groom your dog, it’s about time you seek the services POG Mobile Grooming.

Our dog groomers are experts in keeping your pet clean and well-groomed. They’re professionals who have worked in pet stores or pet grooming businesses. POG Mobile Dog Grooming has services like:


•    Hair Care
Whether your dog has short or long hair, it’s a must that it be brushed regularly. POG Mobile Grooming uses a special kind of brush or comb suited for your pet’s hair when brushing. We even use one that has a built-in massager to keep your pet’s scalp healthy while making his or her hair smooth and shiny. In addition,POG Mobile Grooming are experts in cutting all breeds of dog hair. We can cut the hair that get’s in the way of your dog’s eyes as well as those found in the paws and ears.

•    Bath
It’s a hassle to give your dog a bath every now and then since oftentimes you end up taking a bath yourself as well. POG Mobile Grooming are the best persons to go to, if you don’t like to do the dirty job yourself. We can give your dog a nice, bubbly bath in no time at all. POG Mobile Grooming uses a special dog shampoo and soap that is formulated to kill fleas while keeping your dog’s hair smelling sweet and looking glossy.

•    Paws and Nail Care
Many people are scared of trimming their dog’s nails for fear that they’ll be hurting their beloved pet. The fact is dog’s nails need trimming every now and then just like humans. Your dog will find it hard and painful to move around when he or she has long nails and dirty paws. POG Mobile Grooming can trim your pet’s nails for you. At the same time, you can have his or her paws thoroughly cleaned as well.

Ear Care
Dogs’ ears can get very dirty and once they’re not cleaned properly, your pet can suffer from severe ear infection.POG Mobile Grooming is highly experienced and trained to clean your dogs’ ears using a special cleanser and the appropriate tools. Never clean your dog’s ears if you don’t know how to in order to avoid infection!

POG Mobile Dog Grooming Are Professional Pet Groomers

Responsible dog owners have genuine concern when it comes to their dog’s overall health and wellness. If you’re one of them, you should know that nothing can be more important than availing the services of professional dog groomers.  We at POG Mobile Grooming are the professionals you need and we have extensive experience in all aspects of dog grooming.

Many people have realized the need for grooming pets like dogs and the inconvenience of taking their dogs to a business.  Because of this, POG Mobile Grooming has become very popular.  The bad news is that the mobile grooming industry has attracted people into the business who lack the necessary knowledge, skills, and training they need to offer pet owners their services. Don’t make the mistake of hiring an unprofessional dog groomer and put your dog’s health in danger. You should only deal with professionals. Here’s why:


•    Quality Service
With POG Mobile Grooming professionals, you’re assured your dog will be in good hands. This means your pet gets the best treatment around from being groomed in a conducive place, down to having quality professional dog products used on his or her body.

•    Expert Groomers
POG Mobile Grooming professional dog groomers are experts. They’re well trained and experienced in the industry. They possess the necessary knowledge and skills required for their job so you’re assured of getting your money’s worth and more importantly your dogs safety and well being!

•    Reasonable Price
Just because POG Mobile Grooming are professional groomers, doesn’t mean you have to pay a high price for their services. On the contrary, you can avail the services we offer at reasonable prices. Though we may cost more than unprofessional groomers, we use the best products and equipment for your dog’s grooming needs. Not only that, but you get what you pay for.  Beware of the super low priced groomers!  They are not licensed, experienced or properly trained.

Why POG Mobile Grooming?

POG Mobile Grooming is an innovative way of taking good care of your dog. You no longer need to take them to a vet or dog grooming salon just to have their regular bath and trimmings. POG Mobile Grooming offers a more practical way of keeping your dog clean and attractive at all times.
POG Mobile Grooming are professional dog groomers, highly experienced and trained in mobile dog grooming.

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